About Us

Our Story

Philip all worked in the first aid industry together.
They noticed many first aid products seemed to be designed less for ease of use and more to comply with rules and regulations.
As young parents of a growing family, Anna and Sacha both felt especially passionate about the need for safety products to be useful above all else.
When their own children would fall and get a bad case of road rash or some other “owie”, they hated wasting precious time wading through a disorganized chaos of random first aid items while their child was crying in pain.
The sooner they could apply a bandage, the sooner their baby would be smiling again.
Then they realized many of you probably felt the same way!
Thus was born the ResQue1st brand and their mission to bring well-designed, quick and easy to use first aid kits and other safety products to the world.
In 2020, when the Coronavirus pandemic descended upon us all, Sacha and Anna made it their ambition to help by sourcing only the highest-quality, certified PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) products utilizing their time-tested, FDA-certified manufacturing contacts.
Our brands continue to expand with our exciting new Safeton adventure brand rolling out in early 2021.

What We Do

We source, design and bring products to both the wholesale and retail markets through our extensive domestic and international manufacturing partners. Some of our areas of expertise include